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Best Hair Dryer 2017 Reviews

What is the difference between a hair dryer and a blow dryer? Apart from a slight change of name, nothing! They are designed to dry your hair. How simple is that? So why are there so many different hair dryers from different companies available and what’s the difference between a £8 travel dryer and a £100 plus professional one?

The answer is quite a lot actually. When you consider that for most women (and men for that matter) the blow dryer is the most used beauty tool in your house. Many people will use one every day. If you want to leave the house with consistently beautiful healthy looking hair, then it really is worth investing in a good quality hair dryer.

When you consider that, is it not worth spending a few minutes investigating what different types of hair dryers are available and which one is right for you?

Overview of this Guide

On this page you will find a guide to what we think are the best dryers you can buy. We have broken them down into different categories to help you quickly navigate the page. The reviews on this page are condensed but more in-depth reviews are available on some of these products if you want to go into more detail.

At the bottom of this page we have also included a glossary of terms to help you quickly get to grips with jargon words and what you should expect to receive when buying a dryer.

Best Professional Hair Dryer

The good news is that their are a lot of really good professional blow dryers available to buy in the United Kingdom. The downside is that the options available can be overwhelming.

In this section you will find a comparison page with a combination of the most popular hair dryers and some we think are fantastic but no so well known. We have tried to include a mixture of options to cater to different budgets.

What is a professional hair dryer?

Essentially, it is a dryer that a hair stylist would use daily in a beauty salon. That means that the quality of the dryer is considerably better than one you use at home. Having said that, professional blow dryers are becoming increasingly popular in homes because of their reliability and the consistent results that they give.

What to expect

Firstly, the length of the cable will be a lot longer which allows a hair stylist space to move around a client. This is also great at home because you do not need to be hunched over a plug in point. Most cables are between 2.7m (9′) and 3m.

Produces better results quickly. How amazing does your hair look after it has been dried by an expert in a hair salon? Your best chance of getting that look at home is to use the same (or similar) dryer as your hair stylist.

Straightens your hair. In fact, many users of premium dryers have been able to reduce the need for straighteners because they get such good results from using a decent dryer. Sadly, if you have thick, curly hair this wont be true for you 🙁

Professional Hair Dryer’s Comparison Table

** Fastest Drying Time 2017 **

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA65)


The Panasonic Nanoe is matte black with a plastic pink nozzle front. The nozzle makes it look quite distinctive compared to other types of dryers. It comes with a good length of cable (2.7m), three heat and speed settings and 2000 Watts motor.

It also has the Nanoe technology that a lot of new dryers come with. We could go into great length about how the Nanoe tech works but to be honest, most Ionic dryers do exactly the same thing.


People who have used this hair dryer say that they are very pleased with it. Owners were happy with the different settings and ladies with fine hair to women with thick curly hair were all happy with the results. One user said that after using the Panasonic Nanoe for a month their hair felt healthier and looked more luxurious. There were no flyaways, hair was not full of static and the dryer gives a nice salon looking finish.

A lot of people said their first reaction to the air flow of the dryer was surprise because it did not feel that powerful compared to other dryers. Yet it did dry hair and actually faster than your average hair dryer.

Three Attachments

nanoe-attachmentsThe Nanoe also comes with three attachments whereas with most dryers you only get one. They are a classic condenser, a diffuser and a unique quick-dry nozzle. The other nozzles are effective and connect well to the dryer. It is also nice to have a diffuser included with the package because other company’s make you buy these separately and can charge up to £20.

The quick-dry nozzle is fantastic and does exactly what it states. It dries hair very fast! We have already stated that even without this nozzle the dryer is very effective and reduced the amount of time it took to dry their hair by a few minutes.

A lot of bloggers and reviewers say that by using this nozzle they have reduced their average drying time from 15 minutes to just 5! That’s right, we said five minutes! If you are in a rush to get out the house, then short drying times are an absolute necessity.

The quick drying attachment works by merging soft and strong airflows giving you a more efficient blowout of warm air. What this does is help to spread your hair more evenly thus giving you faster drying times.

Get the Nanoe if …

The Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer will dry your hair quicker than any other blow dryer available in the UK thanks to the quick dry nozzle. It comes with a lot of the features you would expect to get with a professional dryer plus three attachments.

The Nanoe is also on offer in a couple of online stores at the moment so if you are thinking of getting this model then now is a very good time to click the buy button.

Glossary of Terms

A diffuser add-on is intended to scatter the air flow of a hair dryer. It does this by spreading flow of air over a bigger area. Diffusers are primarily used with curly hair. This is because the dispersed air will not disrupt the wave pattern of curly hair. It also eliminates the problem of frizz as well.

The concentrator attachment helps to focus the airflow straight onto the section of hair your dryer is aimed at. You use this with a brush up and out to create add volume to your hair at the roots. To make your hair smoother, also point it down the full length of your hair.