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Best Parlux Hair Dryer’s 2017

Parlux are a very popular brand amongst the professional hair world and you will be glad to know that their salon range of blow dryers is also available to use in the home. Based in Italy, Parlux hair dryers have been around since the 1970’s and their products are available throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

In this article you will find some of my favourite parlux hair dryers. They are the 3800, 3200, 385 and the latest model the Advance. To save repetition I will highlight the features that all of the dryers have.

General Features on all models

  • 3 metre cable
  • K-Lamination Motor
  • Comes with 1 wide and 1 narrow nozzle
  • 2 Speed and 4 Heat settings including cold shot

A unique feature of the Parlux range is their motor which they call K-Lamination. The motor was designed to be lightweight but powerful making their models lighter than their competitors. They are constantly looking at ways to improve this motor as well. One recent update lead to units using less electricity and they will not overheat. If you scroll half way down the page you will see a handy comparison chart so you can compare prices and features etc.

Parlux Advance Light


  • 2200 Watts
  • Weighs just 380g
  • Available in an assortment of colours

Parlux Advance Review

Released in May 2016, the latest edition to the range has been taking the hair industry by storm. In November it won first prize in the Marie Claire in the accessories section. It then won the 2017 hair dryer award from the Magazine as well. The Independent listed it as their first choice for professional dryers.

In October it was voted top hairdryer at the Italian Beauty awards. 10,000 Italian hair dressers voted for this award, so for Parlux to win a prestigious award in their home country tells you something about the quality of the product. So whats so special about this award winning dryer?

Let’s start with the packaging. It is very basic and not glamorous is anyway shape or form. This is partly because their product is aimed mainly at professionals and partly because they work hard to be Eco-Friendly. So you get a simple cardboard box and inside the dryer, two nozzles that are different sizes and a leaflet that contains the warranty.

In terms of looks there is not much difference between this and the 385 model. Like previous items from the company, the buttons are well placed so there is no fear of accidentally knocking the wrong button when you are drying. The first significant thing you notice when picking it up for the first time is just how light it is. It is hard to emphasise in written form, but it is really light! They have done this by reducing the weight of the internal components. This fact combined with the ergonomic design makes it a really comfortable fit in your hands.

When it comes to noise, this is also very quiet when compared to other dryers, especially budget ones. It still has some noise, but you are able to talk over it rather than having to shout to be heard. The heat proof casing is really effective. You can even hold it near the nozzle and not burn your fingers. Attachments click up to an indent which you have to apply pressure to, to get it on.

However, what this means is that it continues to keep the casing cool to avoid burning your hands. It also means you can put it away straight away and you don’t need to worry about waiting for it to cool down before tidying up. They have done all this while creating a robust model with a long lasting motor.

So the final, important question, what is it like at drying hair? The answer is amazing! It dries incredibly quickly making it much easier to control hair. It also leaves hair looking much smoother and richer.

Top Tip: When using the advance use the maximum speed setting until hair is nearly dry. Then switch to medium to finish it off. This will smooth hair down and help to deal with frizz. 

Do I recommend it?

The original models are already good but the new advance model takes them to the next level! The great thing about this item is that you get the impression that Parlux has listened to the common complaints that people have about dryers and worked hard to correct them.It dries hair, quickly, gently and quietly.

What more could you ask for from a hair dryer? If you are looking for a high quality hair dryer that the professionals rave about then this is the perfect model for you. In my humble opinion this is the best hair dryer of 2017!

Check out this video review from a professional hair dresser. This is over 10 minutes long but it is very thorough and worth watching.


Parlux 385 Power Light


Unique Features

  • 2150 Watts
  • 452g Weight
  • Available in a variety of different colours

This is what people call a next generation hair dryer. It is Ionic and ceramic, which is a standard feature of modern dryers. Parlux have taken the best things about previous models and improved them.

If I was to sum up the parlux 385 hair dryer I would say that essentially it is lighter, smaller, more durable and more powerful than previous Parlux blow dryers. It has the most powerful motor at 2150 Watts. It is also environmentally conscious because all of the components are 100% recyclable.  It is light and the buttons are easy enough to operate. It has a deeper tone than similar dryers which means it sounds quieter.


It is best to use this blow dryer with a nozzle but fortunately two nozzles are provided. Some buyers on Amazon were sent models with European two pin plugs is if you buy from there make sure it has an English plug on it.

Overall this is the best parlux hair dryer so far combining all the best features of previous models and putting them into one hair dryer. If you can afford it, get this model.

Comparison Table

Below is a chart that will help you compare features and prices of this range.

ModelFeatures Amazon
Advance Black2200 Watts
380g Weight
Advance Ice White2200 Watts
380g Weight
Advance Pink2200 Watts
380g Weight
385 Black2150 Watts
452g Weight
It's 100% recyclable
385 Hot Pink2150 Watts
452g Weight
It's 100% recyclable

385 White2150 Watts
452g Weight
It's 100% recyclable
3200 Black1900 Watt
Weight 550g
3200 White Flower1900 Watt
Weight 550g
3200 Red1900 Watt
Weight 550g
3200 Chocolate1900 Watt
Weight 550g
3800 Red2100 Watt
Weight 535g
Ultra Compact & Light
Low Noise emission
2800 Black1760 Watts

Parlux 3800 Ceramic Ionic Model


  • 2100 Watt
  • Weight 535g Ultra Compact & Light
  • Low Noise emission
  • Available in the following colours: Black, purple, red, green and white

The parlux 3800 hair dryer is much smaller and lighter than those made by rival companies making it one of the most manoeuvrable dryers on the market. The controls are located in a good place on the handle and are simple enough to use. It’s no wonder that the 3800 has such a good reputation amongst professional hairdressers. A great feature of this dryer is that it can be completely rotated 360 degrees making it easy to adapt to any position you use it.

The 3800 has been designed for use within a salon and also at home. It is very light so you can hold it for longer in one hand. A lot of thought has gone into making this model environmentally friendly. The packaging is made from recycled items and the blow dryer itself uses recycled plastics.

This is actually an award winning model having won both the Hair awards and the Your Hair Awards in 2012.

Any Negatives?

Some people have said it was noisier than they expected despite having a silencer but no hair dryer is going to be completely silent. A few complained that it didn’t add as much volume to their hair as they would have liked.

Overall the Parlux 3800 is a powerful, but light blow dryer that dries hair very quickly.

Parlux 3200

  • 1900 Watt
  • Weight 550g
  • Available in the following colours: Silver, Raunchy Red, Dinky Pink, Chocolate Spice & Purple Haze
    Light. Also special flowers edition

It’s incredibly sturdy, not too heavy, and has a long-length flex. Users hair is superbly dry and very smooth after using this dryer. It leaves users hair silky and lovely. You don’t get fizziness like you do from other dryers.

This is one of the top dryers to look at, especially within the Parlux brands. It is one of the most powerful fryers on the market. The middle heat setting is the most commonly recommended. Unless you’re highly trained, we don’t recommend using the highest heat setting; this may cause burnt ends or fried hair. For most users, the 3800 and 3500 will blow too hot.

Thick haired users see a 5 min decrease in time required to completely dry hair.  Another user claims, “ totally worth the money, I spent a little extra on Amazon and it’s the best dryer choice I’ve ever made”.

Most limp and lifeless hair is dried in a moment’s time, left bouncy with volume and a great feel! Keeping the same products, your hair will look salon done and professional looking leaving you much more confidant.

Any Negatives?

The buttons are a little thick causing common stickiness and may lead to pushing the incorrect setting.

Model Conclusion

Not only does the model 3200 have outstanding power, it only weighs a surprising 490 grams! It measures a small 20cm that helps reduce common operating fatigue. Most their dryers make the operators tired due to weight.

The Parlux 3200 is one of the top market hair dryers due to its efficiency and lightweight model.

  • - 95%
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