How To Chalk Your Hair

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How would you like to add a burst of colour to your hair without having to dye it? Imagine a sprinkle of blue, some flecks of orange or even some strands of bright pink? In fact why not add all the colours of the rainbow to your hair?

how to chalk your hair

I’m not talking about dying your hair. I know dying is expensive and if you do it a lot it can damage your hair but fear not, there is a cheaper pleasurable alternative. It is called chalking your hair and it is a lot of fun.

You can chalk the tips of your hair, strands or all of your hair (though this would take a long time. If you are a blonde then you can use any colour you want. For darker haired girls, we found the following colours work well: pinks, reds, blues and greens.

If the colour isn’t bright enough you can always add a white chalk base. The white base makes the colours really stand out. Blondes might also want to use a white base because it makes it easier to wash the chalk out. You can add extra style by braiding different coloured strands of hair together.
All you need to do this are chalk pastels, water spray or a bowl of water, a hair dryer and a flat iron to set the colour.

The best chalk to use is soft pastel chalk. Sidewalk chalk is far too dusty and oil based artists chalk is difficult to remove. If you don’t use a flat iron afterwards then it makes your hair look stiff and ugly.

A Comprehensive Overview on How to Chalk your Hair

Before you even start, think about what effect you want. Do you want to add chalk to the tips of your hair or the entire length? Also, If you don’t like mess then wear gloves when applying the chalk but they are not necessary. The chalk will easily wash out of your hands. To protect your clothes it is advisable to wear a smock or put a towel over your shoulders.

1) When you are ready, start by grabbing the strand of hair that you will be working on and wet it. It needs to be damp but not soaking wet. You might want to add some product at this stage because it makes life a whole lot easier.
2) Now it is time to choose the colour chalk you desire and add it to your strand of hair. If you are doing the whole strand then start 2” from the scalp and work downwards. Remember that it is chalk you are using so if you chalk too near to your scalp and you sweat even the tiniest amount, the chalk runs like crazy. Apply it to your hair by rubbing downward. Please note that if you rub the chalk up and down your hair, you could create a knot.

Make sure you keep checking how well the colour is being applied to your hair. It sometimes helps to wet the chalk a little first. Not too much though because then the chalk falls apart in your hands rather than going into your hair. Keep going until the strand of hair is saturated with the colour in the way that you want.

3) When you are happy with the colour, blow dry your hair. You can add volume to your hair before chalking with something like a Babyliss big hair brush. Warning! Do not run your hair through a straightener until you have blow dried it. If you use a straightener on wet hair it can cause a steam burn. Then using your straightener, flat iron the coloured section of hair to seal it in. Do not forget to shake out any excess chalk from your hair when you have finished. When you use a straightener you can also add a curl to the strand as well for extra definition.

4) If you want to add more colour then simply repeat steps one to three. Don’t leave the strands wet and then blow dry at the end because the chalk could run. To keep the colour in longer trying adding a bit of hair spray. Do not use styling cream or wax though because it makes your hair look really greasy.

Remember that it is chalk so avoid wearing a hat. Also, if you have long hair, avoid wearing light coloured clothes that could be stained by the chalk.

How to Remove Chalk From Your Hair

The colour will remain bold and bright until you comb or brush your hair or you wash it. If you have dark hair, the chalk will disappear after you have washed your hair once. However if you have blonde hair it will take more than one wash to completely remove the chalk colour. Chalking your hair can make it dry so you might want to condition your hair when you are washing it out.

At the end your flat iron will look like a beautiful piece of art thanks to all the streaks of chalk. Don’t worry, it won’t be ruined though. When it’s cool enough, the colour comes off really easily with a baby wipe.


So to summarize then, this is how you chalk your hair:

  1.   Pull out the strand of hair you want to colour and dampen it.
  2.   Pick up a piece of chalk and add the colour by using a downward motion until you are happy  with the colour.
  3.   Blow dry your hair and use a straightener to seal the colour in.
  4.   Admire yourself in the mirror and say “God made me beautiful”. You don’t have to of course, but a positive pep talk every now and again doesn’t hurt.
  5.   If you want to add more colour then simply repeat steps one to three. If it helps repeat step 5 as well.

Chalking your hair is a lot of fun but can sometimes take a couple of attempts before you perfect it. Experiment with this and have fun. Don’t try it for the first time just before your prom. The last thing you need is a disaster. Remember practise makes perfect. Why not invite your girlfriends around and make it a social thing?