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Eternal form field, yuan baby is a real has become the world’s most peak power. Even if it is of god, and it is hard to in the eternal field so easily disposition of kill four big nose of the baby the yuan.


Obviously, on a seven only sing to order the sword. Could have such a brilliant record, ghd australia all by his own ability. Win in the ghost blood sing know JinDan formed a domain. But so JinDan of terror, it is she that advance of unexpected.

Obviously, how to deal with song, also let the ultimate bliss feel embarrassed.

Sing all relationships, almost all in the court. People can not move and ultimate bliss ZhouXun, nothing in the way MingMian suppress sang.

The most important is, not afraid to sing to power, also don’t fear death.

All the means of manipulating the heart ultimate bliss,  but is questioning just!

People die not, why fear of death!

When encountered sang, her these techniques are not useful. Therefore, only use the most circuitous ultimate bliss means, in her body think way. The last with her com, sing out the neuromancer.

Who knows four yuan baby the strong, sing it cut the melon cut vegetables of killed a clean. The so-called trap, it became a joke. Four of the yuan baby all kill the song, so can use all of the conventional forces, almost no threat to sing.

Especially of the world come to sing the optical, glaring miles between was far away. Let people siege became a joke.

This if it weren’t for their willingness to sing, four yuan baby isn’t even sing to the shadow of touch.

If can use the power of the entire empire, is ZhouXun also kill. But, don’t say the qin home can’t afford to lose the face,  is emperor your majesty, also won’t allow them to ultimate bliss of the screw.

For the use of small sing to ultimate bliss means, in the emperors opinion, just women’s small temperament. Sing to the counterattack, also are only children the nature of mind. The emperor different business needs, to these little things won’t be in my heart, have no time to worry about them.

Until the plane was sent to sing, the emperor has some dissatisfaction. Just this is both ultimate bliss, he is bad also to attack. Sing to the back of the back, the more the emperor displeasure. But since no front to pursue, no more shall be investigated for the truth of the song.

However, emperors to this thing has come to their limit.

Ultimate bliss, win, clear the minds of the emperors. For this reason, the event was extremely home in low-key. The ultimate bliss revenge, and also because of a one thousand one hundred percent sure, will start work.

The results, but it is such a situation. Yuan baby the strong ah, for the empire is precious resources. Let alone qin home. The dead four, this loss, it is difficult to use data to explain exactly. But the ultimate bliss was also quite undoubtedly vibrate.

Finally, only some of the wild jerks. This matter, also mark the failure of the ultimate bliss. Want to kill sang, also only please turn the fairy gentleman’s time. The problem is, change the fairy gentleman without a few all over the world, in the empire, MingMian is only ZhouXun a turn to god.

Whether to use how much cost, to please the shots of god? Besides, in the eternal area,  although there is the god of absolute advantage, can want to want to kill yuan baby real, and is not so easy. Ming connect, doubt, change the fairy gentleman can easily cut kill sang.

This battle, to ultimate bliss sing left a big shadow.