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MeiQing qing is also get the optimal each homework good students, although do not have experience, can sing said, MeiQing qing came immediately. They have learned to gain entrance in biology class, have special this aspect of the curriculum.


According to theory, a separate hunt to survive the biological, ghd australia there must be a hunting range. And in this area, general won’t have more powerful creatures exist. This ability to the biological and hunting range to infer, can be judged plane space strength level.

As the only JinDan level power of the giant Wolf, it will offer a stand on tiptoe around inside the highest in a hill. From now on can also simple judgment, it is within the scope of the hundreds of the most powerful creature of the, at least, is one of the most powerful.

Bowels of the biological system varied, so simple to conclusions of course too early, but so that the simple inference, also won’t vary too much.

But, think of the strands of the Dawson before the god of cold meaning, to know that in this world, there must be a wise brillant powerful evil in the rule. This for them, but a very, very bad news.

Sing to god in the general induction, can see ten million only as far as the black ox biological, are clusters in the direction toward them from running.

Ten million giant creatures of cattle gathered to flow, able to crush block all before them.

Trees and vegetation, some weak creatures, was a blunt flow, went to float in the sky of the sky stood.

Ear to see, the group of the cattle after the run, on the ground or in the hundreds of left a long clear traces. Millions more than kilometers to optimus run speed, float in the sky of BinMao “strong body” mountain of red eyes, run off the attitude, let this group of Mercedes has a giant bull beyond description of impact.

Although the prestige of the cow so vast,  still have all sorts of fierce creature in a giant bull followed behind him, save from every Angle and hunt. Sometimes “fierce creature a inadvertent, will also be huge cow knocked down, he has been ruined countless step into a pool of the meat mud. The fighting scenes bloody and bloody.

Each a giant bull, all has the power of ‘foundation level. And those who prey on the creatures, in power levels more to strong. Among them, also can see with wings fly empty red giant Wolf form. But these creatures “notting have is not brutality and crazy” lack of higher wisdom “and no human nature of the living.

Even in wisdom level than this group of giant bull one thousand times higher, but MeiQing qing still can’t help for this scene was shocked the group of the avalanche of giant cattle, showing the life, vitality and [from] by.

That group of running the cow wiping the hills where they sing and ran all the way forward,  as the thunder of TiSheng “let the entire hill trembling increasingly intense.

This group of living organisms such as the past for a long time, MeiQing qing to light a sigh sound “the world is dangerous. Everywhere, is bloody killed. She a little ‘foundation, a appear will become the object of countless biological hunt. Unless like as sing, can conceal his breath, ability is qualified in the world go upstream.

Sing to the heart also some hair is cool, this is in the world of biological too aggressive, and from the power foundation is very strong. Like the ancient times in the wild, full of brutal, violent, wild breath. If alone, the song also is good to do, but took MeiQing qing, is really stuck.

No MeiQing settle before qing, where also can’t go to sing. However, sang can feel it, deep in the world, there is a power… in call him. Here,  although the danger, but also full of opportunities.

And MeiQing sing a resultant force, and in the depths of the caverns mining out a fangyuan fifty metres hole. Here the stone, hard if no external forces, dig out the cave and not the specter of collapsed.