Ghd IV Styler Reviews

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GHD IV Styler Review

The GHD IV hair straighteners are one of the most expensive flat irons available to buy but also one of the most popular. I thought it was time to do some research on the popular ghd IV styler to find out what people think about them.

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  • The ceramic plates are 11cm x 4.5cm approx.
  • There is only one heat setting on the GHD IV and that is 230°C.
  • The straighteners take just under 30 seconds to heat up and let you know when they are ready with a flashing light and noise indicator. Cooling down takes about 20 minutes and they automatically shut down after 30 minutes so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving them on all day.
  • The cable is just under 2.5 metres long and rotates so you can easily move around a room to get to a mirror.
  • Another nice touch is the universal voltage which means that you can take it anywhere in the world and it will still work. One user said that it takes a couple of goes before you start to see good results because the plates need time to settle.


If you have used earlier GHD models, you will notice that the plates are slimmer on the IV model. This slimmer build means that they are comfortable to hold and can easily be gripped when you are fashioning curls or waves in your hair.

What can you do with them?

ghdivhairstraightenerAlthough they are called straighteners because that is what most people want them to do, you can also use the GHD to create flicks, curls and waves. The great thing about these stylers is that you only need to go over your hair once, even if you have natural curly hair.

The rounded end of the styler means that you can give great body and bounce to soft curls. The only downside of the rounded end is that the GHD’s you need to put them down on their side because they don’t balance on their base.

Sadly they do not come with a heat pouch as either so you will need to invest in one or make sure you put them down on a non-flammable surface that won’t leave burn marks when they cool down. Overall, women who regularly use this model GHD hair straightener says it works well on all hair types including afro-Caribbean hair.

However, if you want to speed the straightening process up if you have naturally curly or long hair then you might want to consider the IV wide GHD straighteners.

Any Negatives?

Overall these straighteners are fantastic but there are a couple of small things that I would have liked to have seen featured. Firstly, I personally like having adjustable heat settings for people like me with finer hair who don’t need a high heat setting all the time. A lock shut catch would also have been useful but I guess if you store them in a heat pouch then this does keep them shut and therefore easier to store.

The booklet is helpful but there are no helpful styling tips in the booklet that comes with the GHD IV styler but you can find helpful tutorials and videos on GHD’s official website.

Another great thing about these straighteners is that you cannot feel the heat from these styers when you are using them which means you can hold them for a long time.

The standard version of the IV styler comes in black but GHD also do limited edition versions in different colours. The colour schemes on these versions look stunning but you can end up paying an extra £20 for the privilege. You can also find deals that include heat pouches.


These straighteners really do live up to the hype. They are versatile and easy to use when creating a variety of different hair styles.

Yes, they are expensive, but if you straighten your hair a lot and want to look after it then I think that these straighteners are well worth investing in.




GHD have an upgrade to this model which is aptly named V. They use different plates which are said to be better but they are more expensive. A review of those stylers will follow soon.

A popular alternative to GHD is the Cloud Nine range of straighteners plus a full review of the new C9 touch model.