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GHD Aura Review

When it comes to hair dryers how much new “innovative technology” does it actually need? We think it needs five things

  1. Lightweight – so those blessed with long hair can hold a blow dryer up without requiring to rest their hands during each session.
  2. Quiet motor – Hair dryers are just so darn noisy
  3. Doesn’t get too hot – How many of us have burnt our fingers on a scorching hot dryer
  4. Fast – We want our hair to be dry in minutes rather than hours!
  5. Looks amazing – OK so this one isn’t quite as important but if you are going to spend a lot of money on something it is nice if it looks and feels like it was worth the money.

The Aura by GHD has a number of new technology features that are trademarked and aim to satisfy the top 5 list.


  • Innovative concentrator nozzle
  • 4 metres long cord
  • removable mesh filter
  • external power supplyRemovable mesh filter
  • Has 3 heat settings – cold air, medium heat and maximum heat plus two speed settings
  • For power, this hairdryer has a maximum and a medium speed
  • 1 concentrator nozzle 85mm wide
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Laminair Technology

Laminair Technology is a unique technology that allows the hair dryer to more efficiently deliver a concentrated section of hot air to a specific area of the hair. If you prefer dividing your hair into sections during blowouts or blow-dry sessions, you will quickly notice your dryer interferes with other sections of the hair. The model has a very unique power supply feature.

This feature actually reduces the overall weight of the dryer. This helps the users arms not get tired during drying. The power unit is 1 metre from the mains power supply so you have 3 metres of cable to move around with. This is the same as most professional dryers including the Air.


Concentrator Nozzle with Cool-Wall Technology

Essentially the dryer creates a ring of colder air around the hot air which prevents the nozzle and exterior from getting too hot. Now you can avoid accidentally burning yourself when the dryer is very close to your scalp. This is designed specifically for the aura so unfortunately you cannot use the nozzle on other brands or even the GHD Air. 

The Advanced Ioniser

The Aura includes an built-in ioniser that helps remove static electricity for its users, and in turn reduces frizz. Hair comes out looking incredible, and most users are incredibly pleased with the product and results. This ionic technology is clearly an advantage. Prior to owning these high-tech dryers, most users will struggle with flyaway hair, frizz, and more. One of the best routines when drying hair is to direct the airflow straight down towards the head. This will reduce frizz and unwanted results.



The typical full head of hair will only take around 15 minutes on average to dry with this dryer. This is a professional grade dryer. The GHD Aura hairdryer, in terms of power and efficiency, is a little lower than the Air model. The Air is about 1800 -2100 Watts, while the Aura is only 1400-1600 Watts. While this model is a little less powerful, it is much more energy efficient and a lot quieter than other models. The Air dryer will only dry the hair 5 min quicker than the Aura. There is no significant power/effectiveness difference in the two models.

One of the major benefits to the GHD Aura is that it is dramatically quieter, lighter, and is far more energy efficient than the average hairdryer on the market. Most importantly, will this dryer make your hair look great? The Aura is also quite a bit thinner than the Air. While very similar in appearances, it is a sleeker, better-designed model. This new model is a whopping 27% lighter and less noisy. This is a great tool for both professional and at home use.

Final Thoughts

This GHD Aura hair dryer checks all of the “great hairdryer” boxes. New technology combined with its power and sleek design, leaves us with an incredible upgrade from past models. It is almost completely cool to the touch after use, and is incredibly light.

If this model had the same strength and power of the GHD Air, this would be the perfect fit. All things considered, this is an incredible choice. Because cheaper dryers and straighteners can cause massive damage to hair over time, it’s important to spend a little extra to get a high quality tools. If you’re rocking the old school dryer, it is time for an upgrade! Make the GHD Aura your next dryer.

Where to buy?

Amazon are now selling the Aura but for once they are not the cheapest place to buy from. For that you should check out Look fantastic. They seem to regularly have offers on this particular model and give excellent warranties as well. They are also an official retailers for GHD. Click on the image below to find out more.



Check out the original Air GHD hair dryer here. Parlux blow dryers are also a good alternative.

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