GHD Air Dryer

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GHD Hair Dryer

What features do you look the best hair dryer should have? Maybe, the question to ask is, what do you hate about your current hair dryer. Is it very noisy because of the motor screaming at you like it is about to break at any moment? Does it smell of burning after you have used it? Does it take forever to dry your hair and always leave you disappointed with the results? If you have answered yes to any of those questions then you want to read this review.

The GHD air hairdryer is a professional salon product that is now available to everyone. The truth be told when it comes to hair dryers, GHD have produced some real duffers in the past, so although their straighteners have always been first class, their dryers left a lot to be desired. Well you will be pleased to know that this has all changed with the GHD air.

We warn you now. This review is biased because we love this product. We are going to try and make you see why we love it but we will also talk about the bad points to make it fair.

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  • Metallic detailing with a matte black finish
  • 2,100 Watts professional-strength motor
  • Frizz smashing ionic hair dryer technology
  • 3 Metre cable giving you plenty of space to move around
  • Removable air filter
  • Handle designed to be suitable for both right and left handed users


GHD Air Review

ghd air hair dryer best price

The first thing you notice with this product is just how professional and classy the packaging is. The presentation of the box alone lets you know that this is a high quality product. The included instruction manual is very short and concise. I suppose there is only so much you can write about a blow dryer really.

The GHD air dryer look fantastic. It has a lovely black matte finish and metal trimmings. Picking it up, it is comfortable to grip and feels good in your hands. Users say that the air is slightly heavier than other blow dryers they have used but it is not uncomfortable. It does give you a real sense of the build quality of this thing. However professionals say that it is a lot lighter than regular salon blow dryers.

The front of the handle has a cool shot button. The cool shot feature is really good for reducing fly away hair at the end of a blow drying session. On the back are two more buttons, one for adjusting the temperature and the other for the power. It is unusual for a hair dryer to have the main controls on the back but you don’t accidentally knock them when in use and it is comfortable to hold. This is perfect for when you have to dry very long hair for an extended period of time.

The ghd is an unbelievably silent hair dryer on mid to low settings. You can actually have a conversation when drying your hair, they are that quiet. One professional said that they can have six going at one time in their salon and you can still hear people talk. Obviously on full setting it is louder but still much quieter than regular hair dryers. The reason for the quietness of this dryer is the extra-large motor which doesn’t strain when used.

The ghd air hair dryer comes with two nozzles. However, if you are looking to dry your hair as fast as possible then dry without them. The GHD comes with two nozzles. One is designed for drying larger areas of hair and the other is for precision drying. The wider of the two nozzles is fantastic at reducing drying time whilst making hair look smoother. The nozzles have very thin openings which increase the flow of heat dramatically. One small complaint is that the nozzles can be quite tricky to take on and off.
For ladies with curly hair, you can purchase an official GHD diffuser specifically for the ghd air. The recommend retail price is £15 but check on amazon because it is often cheaper on there.


Too hot to handle?

The biggest down side of this blow dryer is that the nozzle gets very, very hot after use. Especially if you put it on its highest setting. We are talking as hot as flat iron plates. The triangular warning sticker is on for a very good reason.  If you touch it immediately after drying your hair you will burn your fingers so put it down in a safe place after use, especially if you have kids who like to copy mummy! Also, don’t put them down on an area that could leave a burn mark or even melt.

Cool down tip – Run the cool shot for a few seconds after you have finished to help cool down the nozzle and always remove with a towel.

GHD Air Hair Dryer Video Review


What about results?

 We have used them for around 2 years in-salon all day and every day and they don’t fail like many other brands we have used. Congratulations ghd on taking over the hairdryer world also. 10/10 😉


A lot of reviews talk about how much faster this dries their hair compared with other models. You can also achieve these results on lower heat settings as well which is also better for your hair.
After using this hair dryer for only a short while, many users said there hair looked and felt more shinier and smoother than ever before.

Like we said before, we think this is the best hair dryer you can buy. It looks great, is comfortable to use and gives great results. It is also very quiet and requires less heat to give you great results. If you get this ghd hair dryer, consider it a worthy investment in your hair.


  • - 95%



Not Cheap
Get's very hot


Very Quiet
Quick - dries in half the time
Make hair look fabulous

95 %
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