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About FHI Straighteners

FHI Heat is a company who produce and sell styling tools. Although based in California, America, they sell their products all over the world. They may not be as well-known as companies like GHD or Cloud 9 but people who own their straighteners are raving about them.  They have a lot of celebrity endorsements on their site. There are pictures of Paris Hilton and a load of American stars I don’t recognise. However, they do have pictures of the entire cast of How I met your mother and the Big Bang theory so kudos for getting the coolest shows in the world to promote you. You can see all the pictures here.

They do offer a wide variety of straighteners in the US but sadly only a few have made it to the United Kingdom. The most popular straightener they sell here is the fhi heat 26mm [1″] Platform straightener. You can also buy the 18mm and larger 45mm straighteners in the UK as well.


Fhi Straightener Review

Fhi Straighteners Platform Range

This is a quick review for the 26mm platform iron but most of the comments are relevant to the other size irons in the platform range as well. The colour design is a cool looking red and black combination. The red plates against the black base looks especially effective. Not only do the plates look great but they are really effective on hair as well. They really add shine to hair and makes it feel smooth and soft. Compared to GHD straighteners the cord is a lot longer as well.

Similar to original Cloud 9 irons, these FHI straighteners also come with a dial to change the temperature of the plates. The range is 60 to 230 degrees. Once set, the irons stay at correct temperature. They heat up quickly and cool down faster than other models.

In terms of negative comments the main complaint is that the platform model does not close automatically close down when you have finished using them. There have also been a couple of complaints on selling platforms like ebay and amazon that unofficial versions have been sold online so make sure you double check before hitting the buy button.

Overall, these are a good set of straighteners and a good ÂŁ20 cheaper than rival models like the GHD IV. However, if you have extra money then take a look at this innovative new straightener first.

I really like the FHI iron. My hair is currently damaged and I really need a hair cut. However, I still need to straighten it, so I adjust the temperature to roughly 100 degrees and am able to fix my hair out without burning it! Ellie from Ellie’s Ramblings

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Video Review for Fhi Platform

http://www.youtube.com/embed/FCsZBaivPfE It is probably assumed by most people that hair straighteners are only used by women. In fact hair straighteners themselves are a relatively new trend and so it has probably always been thought that they would only be used by females. However as men become more metrosexual and care more about their appearance, products are being developed and adjusted to suit them. Now a days you can get hair straighteners to suit men which can help them style their hair just the way they want. Hair straighteners for men are becoming more popular and this is probably the reason many of the major hair straightener manufacturers are bringing out products to suit. Many men have short hair and so this makes the normal wide plated hair straighteners not suitable for their use. This is why you should look at something like FHI straighteners. These are a brand of straighteners for men and come in different sizes so no matter how long or how short a man’s hair is, there will be something to suit. FHI straighteners are also made to a very high quality and come with a large range of features to help make straightening your hair even easier. They have features such as automatic temperature adjustment depending on the thickness of your hair and you can use them to create either straight hair, spiked hair or even more wild styles such as waves and flips. Their straighteners also usually heat up within a maximum of 10 seconds which makes them ideal for a man on the move who doesn’t want to sit around and wait for them to be hot enough to use. They also could have Nano-Fusion technology which helps to give your hair a shine and even to look better. Don’t worry if you have hair that is longer because there are FHI straighteners to suit everyone. The great thing about these straighteners is that they are built to last so you can be sure that the will give you years of usage and therefore give you great value for money. Why not have a look online to see what FHI straighteners are available to suit you.


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A good hair straightener that manages to compete with the high end irons whilst managing to be cheaper.

85 %