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Slowly but surely, Cloud Nine have been building up a good reputation over the last few years gaining many fans along the way. It is safe to say that they are now a strong contender for the best straightener throne and snatch it away from GHD stylers very soon.

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Cloud 9 Touch Review

Their latest product is an ingenious idea. Cloud Nine claim that it is the world’s first automatic hair straighteners with no on or off switch. The design is virtually the same as the original model but without the setting buttons. The biggest difference you notice between the Cloud 9 touch and regular hair straighteners is when you turn it on and start using it.

I had heard lots about the cloud nine brand but had never invested in one myself. When I saw the touch available for such an affordable price – I couldn’t look past! I did a bit of research and decided to make my first cloud none purchase and I have no regrets!

It is amazing on my hair, the no button touch feature is so handy and I love everything about this straightener! Quick and easy! And never have to worry about leaving my straightener on when I’m out again! Best buy! Sarah

How does it work?

To turn the straightener on, all you have to do is plug it in and touch the plates together. The element heats up almost instantly which means that you can start straightening your hair within seconds. The touch can detect when you have stopped and will automatically turn itself off after thirty seconds. It returns back to full heat when you pick it up again and start using it on your hair.

The plates automatically heat up to 195 degrees. For women who prefer to straighten their hair at a lower temperature you can do this by touching the plates together three times. This changes the temperature to 165 degrees. To change it back to the hottest setting, click the plates together again twice. There is an LED display on the flat iron that lets you know what setting it is on. Red is for the hottest heat and blue for the lowest.

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  • The touch has a long swivel cord that gives you loads of freedom to move the flat iron around. This means that you can use it to also create flicks and curls.
  • Just like the original cloud 9 iron, the plates have a mineral ceramic coating on them. This means that hair just glides through them. Ladies with average hair don’t need to use product because the plates will give you a lovely shiny finish.
  • They straighteners come with a plastic heat resistant sheath that closes the plates together.
  • Ideal for all hair types including fine hair. (Just as a precaution though it may be worth using heat protection spray.)

 Any Negatives?

Out of seventy reviews on Amazon only three of them gave it one star but fifty seven people gave them 100% rating! The issue with the one star reviews was the product not working after a few months. However, if you contact Amazon they are very good at dealing with issues.

Cloud nine also offer a three year warranty if you register your product on their website which I highly recommend that you do. The only other complaint I have seen is someone with thick, curly hair said that they were not as effective on her hair as her former wide GHD stylers. She did say that they got better after she had used them a few times so it is possible that once you get used to how they work, they become more effective.

Should you buy them?

WOW, firstly, I have never had any straighteners that heat up as quick as these! Not a matter of minutes but literally seconds!

Reviewers online absolutely love these straighteners. A lot of users say that after using these flat irons, their hair feels so soft and sleek.

If you are looking for an alternative to GHD’s with a low temperature then these are well worth considering. They are currently a lot cheaper than the original cloud 9 flat iron and the same price as the old GHD IV styler’s. If you want one, buy it now before the price goes up!

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** June Update **

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Cloud Nine have just released a new addition of the C9 in white.  I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. Check out our gallery above to see what I mean. I am not sure how long this will be on sale for and it is currently the slightly cheaper than the black edition so if you are looking for a new straightener grab one now!

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Highly Recommended
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If you are after a salon quality hair straightener at a great price then we cannot recommend this enough.

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