Cloud 9 Straighteners

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Cloud 9 Straighteners

When you open up the box of a Cloud Nine straightener, this is what is inscribed on the inside:

We want flexibility, creativity, individuality. We want to look natural. We want volume, body and shine. We want healthy hair. In short, we want an evolution in styling. Less heat, more style.


Who are Cloud Nine?

So who is this company that puts such a bold statement on their products? Robert Powls started Cloud Nine in 2010. He was one of the original founders of GHD but believed he could create better products which is why he went his separate way.

Since then they have gone on to create high quality products that are popular both in Salons and at home. In fact, some salons are now replacing their GHD straighteners for Cloud 9’s because they think they are better.


Original Straightener
Wide Version
Micro Iron
Touch (Newest model)
Do we recommend them?
Cloud 9 verses GHD

Cloud 9 Original


  • Three heat settings. The LED display lets you know which heat setting they are on.
  • The iron has a hibernation mode so if you leave it on and unused, after roughly half an hour, it turns itself off.
  • The swivel cord is nice and long which gives you lots of flexibility to move around and angle the iron to create different styles.
  • Each Iron contains a special chip with its own unique ID number. This lets you know that it is an official flat iron and allows Cloud Nine to monitor each one.
  • Dual adaptor. Each iron comes with a 3 amp adaptor. However, you can change it to a two pin plug so that you can use it abroad.
  •  The packaging that this iron came in is incredible. It is very sophisticated and classy. Many online comments said that they kept their boxes because they were so well designed.


When you pick the cloud 9 up, you can tell you are picking up a quality product. It feels good in your hand. Comfortable, solid and the right weight. They take just under thirty seconds to heat up and then you are good to go.

The most important thing though is how effortlessly they glide through your hair, which makes using them, a real joy. Not like cheaper brands that catch and can pull on your hair. The temperature settings next to the on/off button are ideally located so no worrying about accidentally changing them in the straightening process.

The instruction manual is actually really helpful. For example, it contains a chart that shows you how hot it needs to be to create different hair styles and for different hair types.

It is simple to comprehend and has some cool ideas for alternatives hair styles if you want something different from straight hair. The rounded head makes it easy to create waves and curls.

Any Problems?

A couple of reviewers said that when they first started using the straighteners they kept trapping their fingers where the two halves meet. If it happens it really hurts. However, once they got used to the irons, it didn’t happen again.


cloud9wide The wide plate has exactly the same functions as the original model. The plate width is 4cm wide, whilst the original is 2.5cm.  It has been designed for ladies who have very long, wavy or thick hair. If you have a combination of those three then these are worth considering.

Fortunately the Recommended retail price is the same as the original so you don’t have to pay more because you don’t have conventional hair.

Micro Iron

cloudninemicro The Micro straightener was created for women with short hair styles. This model has also become very popular with men who want big volume quiffs or slick, side partings. The plate size is only 1.6cm, it is lightweight and shorter than the other models. This means that it can easily fit into a handbag (or man bag) for styling on the go. It is half the price of the other models as well.

The only downside is that it does not come with the LCD display or a temperature control. However it does include the hibernation mode. It also includes a heat guard and international voltage so you can take it travelling.

Do we recommend this brand?

If you want a solid, reliable straightener which allows you to straighten or style your hair at a lower temperature than GHD’s then they are worth considering. Our personal favourite is the new C9 touch model. Check out our comparison table to see which one is right for you.

Have you seen the Youtube ad campaign that features the video blogger Zoella? Well she was asked to review the cloud 9 straighteners and this is what she had to say about them.

Overall I’m very impressed with these straighteners, and i would happily recommend them to anyone who asked which to buy. The best I’ve ever used, and great for styling. Well done Cloud Nine 🙂 – Zoella

Comparison Table

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  • - 94%


We like these straighteners a lot and think they have just enough class to be GHD beaters.

94 %