Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

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Babyliss Pro Curl Quick Review

This is a new way to curl hair. Some people love curling tongs and swear by them but personally I have always found them a bit fiddly to use. That was why I was so happy to discover the Babyliss pro perfect curl. It is a hair tool that curls hair in a quick and easy way. You place your hair in the contraption, wait a few seconds and then it comes out the other end curly.

This is the professional version of the curl secret which has slightly more features. It is aimed at professionals but is also popular with people at home.

Perfect Curl Features

  • 3 Heat Settings 190, 210 & 230 degrees
  • 3 Timer Settings 8,10 & 12 seconds
  • 1 Timer free setting
  • 3 Curl direction settings – forward, backwards and alternate between the two
  • Cord Length 2.8 metres

The really nice thing about this device is that the heat device is sealed inside the barrel so it is virtually impossible to burn your hands or arms unlike a wand or tong.

Babyliss Perfect Curl’s direction can be changed which is better suited to professionals.

In terms of hair length, it works best on medium and long hair. It can be used on short hair but I am not sure that the effect is so obvious. The actual curl secret is slightly heavier than conventional curling tools but not so heavy that you have to put it down every five minutes.

To get the most out of this device and avoid frustration you will need to read the manual. It is worth taking the time to figure out how to use it effectively which means getting used to how to use it and playing with the settings to get the curls you want.

This will also help you avoid a common problem that people complain about with this item and that is getting their hair stuck in the device. Basically, if you put too much hair in the barrel, it can cause your hair to get stuck. As you can imagine this can be quite painful and annoying because you have to very carefully pull your hair out. There is a beeper that sounds if you have done this or your hair is not placed in properly but somehow this doesn’t stop people from catching their hair. I guess what I am trying to say is READ THE MANUAL.

From the reviews I have read online and my own experience of using the Babyliss pro curl, it creates stunning curls from top to bottom. If you put it on a higher setting curls can last all day long and give your hair a fantastic bounce. This is also good for women with thick hair who have had trouble curling their hair in the past.


Examples of hair curl using the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl


The Bad

The downside for this product is that it is a lot more expensive than conventional curlers. You do need to read the manual and practise using it, otherwise your hair can get stuck in the device.

The Good

The plus is that once you get the hang of it, it is really simple to use and gives you a great head of curls that last. It is also a lot of fun experimenting with it to create different curls.

If you can afford it, then the curl pro is a brilliant device.