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The Ionic brush verses Frizz … Who will win?

If you have fine hair then the chances are you have had your fair share of bad hair days caused by frizz or static. There is nothing worse than the joy of a good party ruined by static in your hair or the hair you spent hours straightening slowly getting frizzy until it’s a full on frizz frenzy nightmare!

A lot of things in modern life can cause the build-up of static electricity in your hair like towel drying, air conditioning and man-made fibres. Static in your hair can make it really difficult to keep in control.

I was on a red eye flight the other day, and noticed a very cute little girl with a fine bob that had the worst case of static hair I had ever seen. This two year olds mother would be very interested in the new Babyliss brilliant shine ionic hair brush.

Babyliss claim that their new hair brush reduces frizz and static in your hair through the power of ionic technology. Powered by two triple A batteries this brush is designed to essentially give you the hair you get from having it blow dried at professional hair dressers.

Basically, this brush is designed to reduce the static and frizz in your hair making it more manageable. Frizz verses the ionic brush. Who will win? Read on to find out.


First Impressions

When you first look at the Ionic hair brush by Babyliss it just looks like an ordinary brush. It does feel a little heavier due to the included batteries. When you look closer you notice a hole in the middle with two very tiny sets of bristles.

This is what emits the negative ions which help reduce the static in your hair. When you turn the brush on there is virtually no sound and no vibration so you cannot really tell it is on.

Using the ionic brush gives you a nice sensation and it feels lovely on your scalp. If you are having big static issues or frizz then you can instantly see the difference. This is the fastest way I know to eliminate fly away hair.

Check out the video below to see what we mean.

The Science Bit

The blurb says that this babyliss brush produces conditioning ions that go directly into your hair, in a similar way that modern blow dryers do. Ions are molecules with a positive or negative charge. Newer Babyliss hair dryers use charged ionic particles to dissolve moisture droplets.

They need less heat and power to dry your hair which is much healthier for your hair and gives it a better finish. The ions in the babyliss brilliant shine brush cancel out the ions in your hair that cause fly away hair, frizz and static.

If you use an ionic hair dryer alongside an ionic hair brush it can maximise the appearance of healthy hair and although damaged hair cannot be completely recovered ionic devices certainly help with recovery.

Hair naturally has positive ions and ionic products have negative ions so essentially these products cancel out the charge which eliminates frizz and static in your hair.


Does it work though?

Ionic technology has yet to be proved because independent studies have come out inconclusive. However, ionic hair dryers have been around for a while and continue to be very popular.

Ionic hair brushes are certainly not new because both Braun and Remington both have their own versions which have been available for at least a year. If people didn’t buy them, then the beauty industry would soon stop making them.

So what about the Babyliss ionic hair brush? If you have a look at the reviews on consumer websites then this really does seem to be a Marmite product. By that I mean people either give it five out of five stars and rave about it or give it one star and claim it does not work for them.

Professional writers seem to like it though. Beauty journalists Tanith Carey for the Daily Mail and India Knight for the Times both wrote raving reviews about the product. One reviewer wrote:


I have very thick and frizzy hair so I was unsure whether this brush would work on my hair, but I was amazed with the results. The brush …. Read the full comment here

Sites selling the new shine brush recently sold out and Amazon gave it a #1 best seller rating which shows you how popular they are.


If you are a fan of girly gadgets and have mid or long length fine hair, then this Babyliss brilliant shine brush is worth considering. Some reviewers with thicker hair have also said that it works on their hair although the results may be less obvious.

If you are constantly battling frizz and static electricity in your hair then this is worth trying out.

Alternatively. Check out the Braun Satin Hair. It is a similar price and claims to do a similar job. It also has more positive reviews.