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In a great offer more methods than one, the HP Envy 13 appears like a “new generation” of PC computer for HP and even the industry. Intentional or not it bears a great offer more in resemblance with Apple’s lineup than its individual predecessors, it’s element in the really 1st wave of laptops with glass windows 7 pre-installed, it areas an enormous emphasis on battery lifestyle but nonetheless manages excellent performance, and it’s a “luxury” PC that in reality provides some relatively excellent excuses for its inflated pricetag. We’ve invested a wonderful good few days using the laptop, so arrive throughout out once the Envy 13 can reside as a great offer as its assure proper after the break.


As is our wont, we’re creating up this evaluation inside the computer itself, supplying us using a excellent vantage place for getting in all in the laptop’s triumphs and flaws. The whole computer runs really awesome toward touch, specifically within palm rest, which could be textured with an odd (but not distracting) pattern of dug out squares. The curved material borders that runs near to the computer arrives to some instead sharp edge, comparable to that of the MacBook Pro, and is also slightly unpleasant if our wrists are laid heavily throughout it. Ports-wise there’s really tiny to retain observe of, using a energy plug and SD card slot inside the left (the Envy 13 in reality arrives with its person handbook on the 2GB SD card, a wonderful touch), and two USB ports, HDMI and hybrid audio tracks plug for headphones and / or perhaps a mic inside the proper side. instead comparable toward MacBook, there’s in reality a little of probability for pinching your do it yourself within dropped hinge, although HP opted for vents inside the left and proper part in the computer as opposed to up by employing the hinge — obviously to excellent effect. The buff is regularly on, but quiet adequate to not acquire a bother. The back again in the lid is plain gunmetal, with merely a little of indication of which way is as a great offer as help us arrive throughout the tiny lip to lift the show available — it’s held in place with a just-right magnetic latch. The whole computer is instead gentle “enough” for that size, balances properly on the lap, and could be carried one-handed available instead simply for that impromptu relocation from armchair to couch.

The keys certainly are a lightweight, dull, squared-off plastic, and encompass each of the laptop’s functionalities — none of people pesky capacitive-actuated brightness or quantity controls here. You in reality need to sustain the purpose essential to take advantage of amid the F1-F12 keys for its reliable purpose, but that’s hardly a loss, granted that people do a great offer a great offer more quantity adjustment that archaic purpose commands. Unfortunately, the keys really feel merely a tiny “weak” for our taste, bordering on the affordable really feel credited toward slightly loose, plastic material clack of them. There’s not many push-back when typing, developing touch typing a little much less pleasant. It’s not horrible, just not our perfect keyboard — as well as the insufficient the backlight appears odd on this otherwise “luxury” package.

We’ve presently pointed out the stunning screen, and we in reality can’t overstate how wonderful it is. It’s really bright, as well as the colours are just ultra-rich — although out in the box it’s tinted a tad red-colored to our eyes. Oddly adequate 1600 x 900 appears like a near to perfect resolution for just about any 13-inch screen. We’ve obtained appreciably a great offer more data than a common WXGA resolution at this size, but no genuine eyesight strain in the pixel density. The glare is annoying, however. in the instant we’re sitting much besides daylight windows, and some utterly uninteresting overhead fluorescents are supplying a considerable adequate nuisance to acquire a bother. Sure, there are lots of other laptops that occur to be just this bad, but that doesn’t allow it to be right. There’s also auto-dimming in the show when on battery, which can’t be simply defeat using the brightness keys, a slight annoyance.

HP has “Beats” branded sound, which apparently signifies artist-approved circuitry — although there’s practically nothing particular like a a great offer more effective amp or any particular additional element to separate the appear output from the common laptop. when in comparison with some MacBook Pro, a golden-eared good friend of ours detected a slight improvement in stereo separation and clarity, jointly with merely a touch of “punchier” bass. If you’re in reality proper after this computer for its appear properties, you’ll be wanted served screening it out your do it yourself or receiving a a great offer more thorough evaluation of that aspect, but most guys and females most in all likelihood won’t possess the ability to detect an enormous difference in quality. in the minimum there’s practically nothing bad like a buzz coming away in the 1/8-inch plug as we’ve experienced with some shoddier laptops.

The hide-away method tray is surprisingly non-cluttered, using a acceptable assortment of icons corresponding to big bits of hardware and their respective vendors: ATI for film card settings, Synaptics for that trackpad, IDT for audio, Intel for integrated graphics, as well as the (angry) Norton, WiFi and wireless bluetooth icons. With people all tucked apart within fly-out tray for concealed icons, there’s merely a “solve PC issues” flag (due to our insufficient anti-virus), battery indicator, WiFi indicator and quantity indicator within principal bar.

As for that film card and basic performance, we’re a lot pleased. The laptops ran some near to current-gen film games such as the Witcher and Quake Wars with passable frame prices at decreased artwork settings — a great offer over we are able to say for most in the competing at this type factor. It also may properly be considered an enormous help with Blu-ray. utilizing integrated artwork we experienced been in a location to hold out a disc, however it took a distressing 55 or so seconds to acquire to any video, whereas with discrete artwork on we obtained toward excellent stuff in about 33 seconds. HP has integrated a digital video disc / Blu-ray playback app that fits in nicely with its MediaSmart lineup, which may properly be considered a wonderful touch, although it does disable glass windows 7 Aero when actively playing aBlu-ray. The HDMI plug tends to make the Blu-ray playback doubleplusnice, and we’re glad HP didn’t go the presently trendy route of DisplayPort for just about any media-savvy computer just like this. The integrated HDMI to VGA show adapter, however, may properly be considered a little of the mind scratcher. Most guys and females we know ready to lower $1,700 on the thin-and-light possess a DVI-capable monitor, and we in reality couldn’t arrive throughout a VGA cable television set within arm’s accomplish the last time we checked, developing the archaic plug structure officially lifeless to us.


Overall we’re really conflicted concerning the Envy 13. Hardware smart it’s just one of our wanted laptops ever, however the trackpad practically destroys all of that excellent will produced up with another factors — no make any difference how excellent a computer is, if it’s distressing to interact with inside the go (without an exterior mouse), what’s the point? We also need to say that glass windows 7 doesn’t make this computer nuts delicious in any particular manner. It’s completely a much better OS than Vista, but it’s not so a great offer much better to create it an enormous advertising place within our e book or perhaps a lure for individuals who don’t regularly stroll the glass windows path, granted that different in the conventional pitfalls are nonetheless present. All we are able to say in summary could be the reality that people wish HP manages to update the trackpad motorists very, really soon, and that other PC sellers steal a little from HP’s and / or Apple’s in other respects, granted that it appears to acquire working.