babyliss hair straighteners

If you were born with curly, coarse or wavy hair and have only dreamed of having straight, manageable and lustrous hair then it’s possible your dreams have come true with the BaByliss Pro 230 series hair straighteners.

Although there are dozens of hair straighteners (also known as flat irons) available on the market today to choose from, the BaByliss flat irons are in a class by themselves.

Currently, there are four BaByliss Pro 230 models:  the Radiance, the Elegance, the Styler and the Ceramic straighteners with the Radiance and the Elegance being the most popular.

Here are some of the unique features and benefits that make these hair appliances a favorite choice among both home users and professional hair stylists:

  • Advanced ionic heating system that zap frizz and is capable of heating up to the salon temperature standard of 230 degrees Celsius.
  • Super fast heat up and recovery (15 – 30 seconds max).
  • Titanium-ceramic plates that smooth hair leaving it sleek, straight and lustrous.
  • Convenient 9 foot cord perfect for working in a salon environment or when the mirror and electrical outlet are far apart.
  • Dual-voltage with automatic safety shut-off.
  • Beautiful heat-resistant carry bag and heat mat plus clips to section hair.

The BaByliss Pro 230 Radiance hair straightener has the added benefit of conditioning the hair through the use of ionic steam infusion, a feature built into the plates.

The steam calms frizzy hair while the added moisture conditions the hair keeping it healthy at the same time.

But that’s not all that sets the Radiance apart from the other models.  It also has retractable de-tangling fins that act like a comb when straightening hair.

Using a comb while straightening hair is a technique used by professional hair dressers because not only does it straighten hair faster but it results in straighter hair longer.

These unique, state-of-the-art built-in de-tangling fins are one reason professional hair stylists often prefer to use the BaByliss Pro 230 Radiance hair straightener over other flat irons.

Another reason the Radiance is a favorite among home and professional users is that it has 10 different temperature settings making it a more versatile and flexible hair appliance and more suitable for all hair types.

The BaByliss Pro 230 Elegance straightener is known for its lightweight design making it easy on the arms while styling.  This model comes with three different temperature settings and has longer, thinner silver titanium-ceramic styling plates.

In fact, the Elegance styling plates are 25 percent longer than other BaByliss flat irons, making this model capable of heating up in just 15 short seconds.

Another advantage of the longer, thinner plates is the ability to work with larger sections of hair at the same time, decreasing the overall time it takes to style and straightened hair.

If you have curly or coarse hair that is hard to manage and want sleek, straight hair that is easy to care for, then a BaByliss Pro 230 hair straightener may very well be the solution for you.