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Babyliss Big Hair 2017 Review

The Babyliss Big Hair promises to take your dull and limp hair and give it a stylish salon in the comfort of your own home. Our review will look into that claim and along the way answer the following questions.

Updated: January 2017 – I have now included a review of the Diamond model. Click on the index link below to read it.
Question 1


  1. What is it?
  2.  Babyliss big hair tutorial
  3.   How effective is it on…
    1.  Short/Medium Length Hair
    2.  Long Hair
  4. Price Comparison Table
  5.  Product Features
  6.  Do we recommend it?
  7. Diamond Heated Brush Review

What is it?

Essentially the babyliss big hair rotating brush is a hair dryer and comb combined into one tool. If you are used to holding a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other hand you know how quickly your hand gets tired and swapping hands can be tricky.

Although it is heavier than a standard hair brush and bigger, it is lighter than a traditional hair dryer which means that you can hold it for longer and finish the job quicker.
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Babyliss big hair tutorial

  1. Start by sectioning your hair into at least four sections. For finest results your hair ought to be approximately 90 % dry before you use it.
  2. Turn the brush on and set the heat to exactly what you desire. Select an area of hair to work on and position the brush as close as you can to your roots. Brush to remove tangles.
  3. For extra boost, hold the brush at the roots for a couple of seconds.
  4. Moving the babyliss new big hair through your hair, slowly start to turn the brush away from your head. When you reach the end use the rotate button and resist the spin by gently pulling the brush downwards. This produces tension in your section of hair.
  5. Want more volume? Simply hold down the rotate button and wind a section of hair along the brush until you reach the root. Then release the button, leave the barrel in your hair for a couple of seconds and then release it.
  6. You can make the volume last longer by using cool shot button.

We know that these instructions can sound confusing the first time you read them. This is definitely not an intuitive tool that you can simply pick up and use. You definitely need to be patient and take the time to read the manual.

A lot of negative comments we have read about this product are based on people who were too impatient and did not bother to read the manual so couldn’t figure out how to us it properly. If you do put the effort in though, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you pick this up.

Video Review

Watch the video

How effective is it on

Short/Medium Length Hair

Users said that using the Babyliss Big Hair 42mm was fantastic at removing frizz and left hair feeling silky smooth and looked fantastic. By combining a hair dryer and brush, it has sped up the time it takes to add volume to hair drastically.

The major downside is that the barrel is a lot larger than a traditional brush which means that you cannot reach the roots of your hair so easily. Users with bobbed hair, to shoulder length hair said that they thought that it was very effective on their hair and they were happy with the results.

Long Hair

Unfortunately, users with longer hair had more complaints about the product. Firstly, there was a much higher percentage of reviewers with long hair who complained about catching their hair in the brush. Especially women with very fine hair. It is not uncomfortable when it happens but it can be irritating and fiddly to free.  If hair does get trapped, then the manual states that you need to stop the brush spinning and put it in reverse to let your hair out or extract the hair manually.

The 50mm keyword was designed for those with longer hair. Some people loved it but a few people commented that the 50mm barrel was too big and you couldn’t pick up hair nearest the scalp. Also, because it takes longer when you have more hair, the tip of the barrel can get very hot, so you have to be careful about burning yourself on it.

There does seem to be a longer learning curve for people with long hair, but those that persevered with the babyliss new big hair spinning brush 2885u were very happy with the results.

Price Comparison Table

SizeBest ForSuper DrugBootsAmazon
50mmLong hair£44.00


length hair and fringes.


50mm/42mm DiamondExcellent for both l
ong & short hair


Product Features
babyliss big hair review

  • There are two barrel sizes. The 42mm barrel (model no. 2777u) is ideal for fringes and much shorter layers whilst the Babyliss Big Hair 50mm (model no. 2888u) is recommended for long hair.
  •  Two heat settings & cool shot. Use the highest heat setting for drying, followed by the low heat for styling. Finally use cool to set the design and make it last longer.
  •  There are two rotation speeds and on high heat the brush head rotates faster than when it is on the lower heat setting. It’s this feature that gives hair volume.
  •  Comes with a three year warranty and a protective cover for the bristles.


For people with short/medium length hair this is perfect. It even works on curly and frizzy hair. Once mastered this hair styling tool will give you the results you are looking for.

For those of you with long hair, if you are prepared to deal with the minor problems we mentioned in the long hair section, then this is still worth considering. It will add volume and sparkle to limp hair, something that long haired ladies often struggle with.

Hope that was helpful 🙂

Diamond Big Hair Brush Review

A recent addition to the collection is the Babyliss Diamond Big Hair Brush. In terms of how you use it, it is exactly the same as the previous models. The difference is the bristles are diamond infused ceramic which have active ionic conditioners. What do they do I hear you ask? Good question. They apparently help to reduce frizz, and leave your hair with a silky, glossy feeling.

babyliss diamond big hair review
It comes with two interchangeable barrel heads. The 50mm which is good for adding shape and volume to long hair. Also the 40mm barrels for layers, fringes and people with shorter hair. This is a fantastic idea, especially for those with long hair because you get the advantage of using two different sizes without having to buy two different brushes.
You can check out a demo tutorial video below which will give you a good idea of how to use it and what the result looks like.

Reviews have been generally positive. People with naturally thick hair say that it reduces the amount of time it takes them to dry and style their hair. Others with Afro permed hair also like it for similar reasons. One user said the brittle is very soft and gives your scalp a lovely massage sensation on the lower setting.

Should I buy the Diamond Brush?

Those people with shorter hair do find it helpful but those on a tighter budget might prefer the original 42mm brush which is nearly £15 cheaper. However, if you have long, thick, afro hair or a combination of all three then you will get the most benefit from using the Bayliss Diamond heated brush.

Final Score

We recommend the Babyliss big hair. Although this is basically a hair dryer and comb combined, it is a massive hassle free time saver.

93 %
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