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Ghd vs Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners

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GHD vs Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners Watch this video This page is a summary of the main differences between the two hair straighteners. If you want full reviews of the products then click on the links below: Cloud Nine Straighteners Cloud Nine Touch Review GHD VI Styler The first thing we want to say is that these are both excellent high end, top quality hair straighteners. They both do a fantastic job of straightening your hair, which you would expect considering their prices. However, there are a couple of things that…read more

Babyliss Big Hair

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Babyliss Big Hair 2017 Review The Babyliss Big Hair promises to take your dull and limp hair and give it a stylish salon in the comfort of your own home. Our review will look into that claim and along the way answer the following questions. Updated: January 2017 – I have now included a review of the Diamond model. Click on the index link below to read it. Question 1 Index What is it?  Babyliss big hair tutorial   How effective is it on…  Short/Medium Length Hair  Long Hair Price Comparison Table…read more

Babyliss Ionic Hair Brush

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The Ionic brush verses Frizz … Who will win? If you have fine hair then the chances are you have had your fair share of bad hair days caused by frizz or static. There is nothing worse than the joy of a good party ruined by static in your hair or the hair you spent hours straightening slowly getting frizzy until it’s a full on frizz frenzy nightmare! A lot of things in modern life can cause the build-up of static electricity in your hair like towel drying, air conditioning…read more

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